Actionable insights into certificate expiry, vulnerabilities, and insecure content.

With Padlock Spy you can have peace of mind that your user's experience isn't affected by certificate errors, blocked insecure content, or other common SSL vulnerabilities.

Our SSL checker keeps an eye on your site's certificate and content, and reports back with automatic, actionable alerts.


If you're unsure why monitoring your SSL's is important, here are a few features Padlock Spy offers, to ensure your website is running securely.

SSL Installation Verification

We run checks against your domain's SSL to ensure it has been installed correctly. This is important to ensure your users aren't greeted with a privacy error when visiting your website.

SSL Expiry Notifications

A fundamental part of our service is letting you know when your SSL's are due to expire. We'll send you notifications with plenty of notice.

Vulnerability Checks

We understand how important it is to patch vulnerabilities as they're discovered. Our system checks your domain and SSL for numerous known vulnerabilities, and offers recommendations on resolutions.

Mixed Content Monitoring

Our mixed content monitoring system checks your website for requests made over a non-SSL connection, giving you peace of mind that your users experience is not tarnished with missing content, or worse, security warnings.

Unlimited Domains

We don't have any restrictions on the number of domains you add. With Padlock Spy you can add as many domains to your account as you like, so you can be confident they're all being taken care of.

Numerous Integrations

Our system integrates seamlessly into numerous notification channels to ensure you get the information you need, when you need it.
See our integrations.

Seamless integrations

We get it, you don't want to always want to receive notifications by email. That's why Padlock Spy integrates with some of the most popular services to deliver notifications to you right where you want them.